Uniformed Patrol


The primary duty of the uniformed division of The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's  Office is to patrol the county and enforce county, state and federal laws. During a typical tour of duty the deputies responsibilities include, but are not limited to, responding to calls for service, warrant service, report writing, property checks, personal welfare checks, service of court papers, traffic enforcement and assist with inmate transports.



Lt. Tony Preston
serving since - July 1998
434.738.6171 ext. 4414

Lt. oversees the day to day operations of the uniformed division

and reports all activities the captain.


Deputies must be certified with The Department of Justice Services (DCJS). In order to receive this certification, the individual must complete a 24 week basic law enforcement training recognized by DCJS. Once the deputy has passed all necessary training requirements, they are placed with a certified field training officer (FTO) within our office who will evaluate their performance and assist them with the MCSO policy and procedure. After the FTO is satisfied that the deputy has completed the required objectives, the deputy is then placed in the rotation. The uniformed deputies work rotating 10 hour shifts, 24 hours a day,7 days a week.