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How do I request security for a special event?


The Sheriff's Office provides security for certain community and school events such as high school ball games/events, National Nite Out, Lake Fest, Lake Patrol, The South Central Fair. We do ask that the organizations make their requests as early as possible so that it can be worked into the schedule.
Please note that we do not provide security for private events.

*Contact Major Walter Wells at 434.738.6171 ext.4465


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I just received a jury summons, what do I do?


Click the link below for frequently asked questions concerning jury duty. You will need Adobe

 Reader to read this file    (download here)


Jury Duty Info 


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Can you explain the eviction process?


Upon receipt of the Writ of Possession by the Sheriff's Office, the responsible Deputy Sheriff will immediately begin the eviction process of notifying the tenant of the pending eviction to be enforced after 72 hours notification to the tenant. The ten day court appeal period will have elapsed before eviction takes place.

  • All evictions will be subject to the following rules:


    • The Sheriff’s Office shall coordinate with the landlord to insure the landlord will be prepared to change locks or lock the premises of the tenant on the eviction date.

    • The landlord must furnish all labor to do the eviction; locksmith, plumber, and a representative/landlord, if such be necessary. In the event the landlord does not make   such preparations, the deuty may cancel the eviction which  would require the landlord  to repeat the entire legal procedure.

    • The Sheriff's Office cannot be held accountable for weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather, the eviction will be continued to the next predicted fair day and the tenant will be notified.

    • It shall be the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office to communicate with the plaintiff, landlord, or agent before the scheduled eviction for the purpose of determining rain date continuances, determining any request for cancellation or change, and coordinating any other preparations for the eviction.

    • Evictions continued at the request of the Plaintiff will be re-scheduled one time  only. After on such continuance, the Writ of Possession will be returned to the court without action and a new Writ of Possession will be required.

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What do i need to do to get a concealed handgun permit?

An application for a concealed handgun permit must be completed and returned to The Circuit Court accompanied by payment of applicable fees. A photo ID along with proof that the applicant has demonstrated competence with a handgun will need to be presented when submitting application. Next, the applicant will be sent to be fingerprinted and background checks will be run. The Sheriff will sign off on the applcation and submit to the courts. Individuals shall be notified within 45 days as to the issuance of the concealed handgun permit.

Click on the link below for more information and to print out an application.


Concealed Handgun Info

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When is the next Hunter Safety Course?


Hunter Safety Courses are put on by The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. You can check their website to see when the nearest course to you is. They will also have contact numbers for you to call to sign up for these free courses.


VDGIF Website


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