Drug Task Force



The Southside Drug Task Force was originally started in 1988 and is among the first drug task force of it's kind to be formed in The Commonwealth of Virginia. The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office is proud to be a member of The Southside Drug Task Force along with members from each of the following agencies;

Alcohol, Beverage and Control Department
Chase City Police Department

Clarksville Police Department

South Hill Police Department

Virginia State Police

The primary mission of the SSDTF is to combat the flow of illicit and illegal drugs  in Mecklenburg County. By having a strong working relationship with The Commonwealth's Attorney Office, as well as with state and federal agencies such as; The Federal Bureau of Investigations, The U.S. Attorney's  Office, The U.S. Marshall's Office, The Drug Enforcement Agency and The NCSBI, the task force is able to pool all resources necessary to capture and convict person(s) involved in the sales and distribution of illegal drugs.
We acknowledge that the community plays a large role in the success of our task force and continue to ask for your support in providing any information that you may receive.


If you have any information, please call any of the numbers below:
Southside Drug Task Force -  434.738.9742   (local)
                                             800.553.DOPE   (toll free)
Mecklenburg Crime Solvers - 877.676.8477  (anonymous)

Mecklenburg Co. Sheriff -      434.738.6171   (local)
                                             888.624.2207   (toll free)