Court Security


The court security unit is comprised of 9 full and 1 part time Deputy Sheriffs. These officers provide security to the three Mecklenburg County Courts, General District, Juvenile and Domestic Relations and Circuit.

The court deputies ensure the safety of the judges, visitors, prisoners and other court staff by supervising conduct and keeping watch over court proceedings. Some or their duties include opening and closing of court sessions, calling cases appearing before court, providing service and assistance to the judges, transporting inmates to and from courts and serving arrest warrants


In response to today's increasing threat to homeland security, the Sheriff's Office has installed security screening checkpoints at the main entrances of the courthouse buildings. The checkpoints consists of a metal detector and at least one court security officer.  This equipment, supplemented with the handheld detectors, will prevent guns, knives and other dangerous weapons from entering the courtrooms and will assist in providing additional security for all persons utilizing the courthouse.



Lt. Carlton "Scotty" Thompson,
 serving The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office
since August,1977,
oversees the Court Security Division
434.738.6171 ext.4474